Heart to Heart: Navigating Heartworm Disease and Prevention for Your Pet

South Carolina ranks sixth among states with the highest rates of heartworm-positive pets—perhaps because the Palmetto State is home to at least 61 mosquito species. An infected mosquito that bites your four-legged friend can do more than cause an itchy welt, because they can harbor heartworms, which can significantly damage your pet’s heart and lungs. [...]

Can It Wait? Veterinary Emergency Care Versus Pet Urgent Care

When your pet suddenly shows signs of a health problem, prompt veterinary attention is necessary. The question is, should you take your pet to a veterinary emergency clinic or to urgent care? Our team at Safe Harbor Animal Hospital of Animal Hospitals of the Lowcountry explains the different types of veterinary care and how to [...]

Pet Owner’s Guide to The First Year

Welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your home is an exciting journey, filled with joy and, of course, a bit of chaos. As a responsible pet owner, you play a vital role in shaping your furry friend's first year, which is crucial for their overall development. Follow our Safe Harbor Animal Hospital team’s guide [...]

Does Your Pet Need Health Insurance?

Pet ownership is expensive, and for pet owners on a budget, an unexpected illness or injury can significantly impact their finances. Every year, more pet owners are investing in pet health insurance to avoid paying huge out-of-pocket veterinary expenses. The right pet insurance plan can save you thousands of dollars in veterinary bills, but you [...]

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a New Pet

Pets bring people joy in many different ways. Some people want a pet to care for and observe, others want protection, and some want a pet who can be an exercise buddy, snuggle pal, or devoted companion. Deciding that you want a new pet is easy, but choosing a species or breed that fits well [...]

Pet-Safe Holiday Gifts

During the holiday season, peace and joy abound as you gather together with your loved ones. However, shopping can be stressful. Although your gift list seems to get longer each year and you may struggle to choose gifts that everyone will like, shopping for your pet can be a welcome relief, because your four-legged friend [...]

Expect the Unexpected: Allergic Reactions in Pets

Allergic reactions are common in pets and can cause sudden changes and signs that alarm pet owners. But, you should not panic. The best way to help a pet experiencing an allergic reaction is to remain calm, assess the situation, and then seek veterinary care in an appropriate time frame. To help pet owners understand [...]

Giving Thanks for Pet Safety

Many American families gather during Thanksgiving to share a meal and express gratitude for each other and for what life has provided—including their pets. But, you may easily forget about your pets when you are busy preparing for guests or entertaining them in your home. Left to their own devices, pets may encounter holiday hazards, [...]

5 Facts Every Pet Owner Needs to Know About Chronic Kidney Disease

If your pet’s kidneys become diseased, they can experience a cascade of health issues that lead to a poor quality of life. While chronic kidney disease (CKD) has no cure, the condition can be successfully managed to provide your pet with several months and potentially years of a comfortable quality of life. Learn how our [...]

Putting Your Best Paw Forward: Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation

Physical rehabilitation is a relatively new specialty in the veterinary world. This pet treatment modality is similar to human physical therapy and focuses on improving the pet’s wellbeing by managing pain, increasing mobility, and building strength. While veterinary rehabilitation can be implemented for a wide range of conditions, one of its most important applications is [...]

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